Adopt An Area

Helping others is something each one of us wants to do and there...

Adopt An Area

Why Should I Adopt An Area ?

  1. When we move out of an area and take up work in other areas ,we could falter in our follow-ups due to the work demand in the new areas.
  2. Your support here in terms of monitoring the work we have done will help us and the locals sustain and continuously improve on the changes that have been initiated and executed.

What does it mean?

It means you as an Individual Volunteer or as a Group or an Organization can help us sustain the change ecosystem established in these areas.

What will be my level of involvement ?

Your involvement could range anywhere from -

  1. Simply monitoring the maintenance and progress in that area by regular visits as an independent Volunteer or in co-ordination with IAAPI.
  2. Donating your time to educate or simply encourage /motivate the unemployed youth to reskill themselves .
  3. You could participate in Adult Literacy programme.
  4. Supporting the community in procuring items ranging from books,clothes, computers/swings/slides or anything else that the community might need.

We are currently working in few of the below mentioned zones .Do connect with us if you would like to participate .

  4. NOIDA

Alternatively if you would like us to work in any area that you have identified ,we will be only to happy to work there with you,