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Unfortunately the provision of basic civic amenities have not been able to keep pace and one of the areas of concern today is the poor sanitation and improper waste management .

All of this compelled us to work towards improving these conditions by creating awareness and also by engaging in community development.

We hope to engage all stakeholders of the society to work towards this goal- ad hope to support Mr Modi's call on SWACCH BHARAT!!!!

  • To sensitize the residents through active volunteering and education on benefits of maintaining and living in a cleaner healthier surrounding.
  • To encourage residents to put aside their differences and work towards a common cause of keeping their environment free of disease breeding areas.
  • To encourage the people to use dustbins rather than using public areas as dumping ground .
  • To encourage use of biodegradable packaging e.g. paper/jute/cloth bags.
  • To sensitize people to the rag picker community and mainstreaming them with society.
  • To encourage child education
  • To help Youth to Reskill enabling Employment.

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